I have talked about sound in my podcast and evaluation, about how is really not my thing at all. Originally I wanted to recorded all of my own sounds, but as usual time ran away with me and I couldn’t get it done. I did manage to get in the sound booth to recorded some screams and cries for my interior scene but only ended up using two. I used Chris’s moans and screams he did for me and stretched them out to sound like my alien grunts. I mostly edited and cut sound from other clips, things like the camera click and crowd screams but for things like foley I used sounds from the BBC sound library.

City scape for background noise

footsteps – walk and run human and Alien

helicopter starting up – beam charging

plane taking off for my ship landing and continual hum in the outdoor scene and interior.

tractor engine – stretched out for engine hum in the outdoor scene and interior.

Storm winds – stretched for red flashes in clouds

Almost all of the sounds I used have been edited and slowed down or sped up.

I never understood what all of the A1 A2 etc was on the time line and Annabeth explained it was for the different layers of sound.

– Stereo pairs, sound recorded on camera

– 3 & 4 spot effects, lasers etc

-5 & 6 atmosphere

-7 & 8- music

I tried to adhere to the ordering listing but i may have gone out of the lines slightly.