It seems that a tax break for TV production and animation firms are being introduced to keep creative talent in britain. It appears this change was pushed after Nick Park, the producer of Wallace and Gromit, was considering moving the company abroad to save money.

Chancellor George Osborne stated that it was the government’s “determined policy to keep Wallace and Gromit animators Aardman in Britain. It’s kind of warming to read something like that, seeing some support from our government to try and keep British grown companies alive and in Britain.So it seems Aardman bosses might be staying in Britain stating the tax credit would be “transformational for our industry”

There has been a dramatic decline in the production of British Animation but with this new tax break it will hopefully keep British animation in Britain and new ones! You never know I could be one of the new ones.

But as heart warming as it seems, this will not just benefit the animation and TV companies, the knock on effect keeps money in the country, which seems more of the governments objective.

The Lobby group Animation UK are the ones that have been fighting for the tax break. They also hope this change will encourage international investors to make their shows in the UK.

The international studio HBO said that the UK was the one of the most expensive options but now it is a competitive and affordable location.

Over all the news has been welcomed by industries up and down the UK  and it could be introduced by April 2013!