As part of the project report for Annabeth we needed to come up with a name for what our hypothetical company would be called. My company would provide motion capturing and motion tracking services. So I began by doing a little brain storm of words that came to head when I thought about mocap and such. It’s actually quite hard to come up with something effective and original and relevant to what your does. It doesn’t have to be relevant but think it helps to have a name that immediately you can tell what the compay does. But names like Naughty dog! have the remembrance factor but to people who are unfamiliar with the games industry wouldn’t know what they do.

Things like hyper-reality came to mind also the myth of pandoras box, with the idea that your imagination tells you whats in the box, so it could be anything you like. I quite liked that idea, but it sounded more like a concept artist or animation studio, also it has already been taken! I used thus site to check for company name avalibilites.

After a good long think something came to me and it is available! It has relevance to the type of work the company would offer and already think I have a nifty logo too.