It seems that online gaming has become a new hunting ground for paedophiles! The issue caught my eye on the front of the Metro newspaper about sexual predators  taking advantage of platforms like Xbox, to pursue young children and abuse them. The sheer numbers of children on these platforms allows these predators to ‘fish’ through 100’s of innocent children until one child that is willing to interact with them. The live conversations and messaging means they can very quickly become sexualised. These findings came from police logs of online conversations and interviews from convicted offenders, concluding that the faceless properties of the internet allowed these sexual approaches to happen almost instantly, asking for meetings with the intentions to abuse.

I think parents need to be made more aware of the contact capabilities of consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Warnings on boxes, website and from sales teams could be introduced like ” under 18’s need parental observation” or something in that manner. A parental hand book could be issued with the consoles or leaflets in game retailers, to advise them of how to protect your children from these situations. Password protections and parental guides. Just some measures like not allowing under 16’s to have head sets so that they can hear what is being said to there children when they are playing. Could ID check or code could be implemented at stores to create an account to register your age and address officially?

But I wouldn’t want parents to stop their children playing these games that they love so much but to advise them of how to keep them safe.