I like my documentaries, on BBC iplayer  is a program called City beneath the waves. It is about a 5000 year old submergered city in Greece called Pavlopetri and they are trying to re- build it using CGI. This is quite exciting for me, having an interest in archaeology since i was a child i didn’t consider using my CGI skills for projects or jobs like this one. How exciting would it be to build a city as close to as it would look 5000 years ago before it was destroid.

They used custom made, 3D photo- mapping technology, it gave a result of which in their words was like draining the sea to take a look at what they had discovered. These images would also have helped to re-build an accurate reconstruction.

They also used a 3D scanner to scan in the smaller artefact segments found, imported them into maya and then re-build the object from it! wicked!

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Movie VFX expert, Simon Clarke  from Broadcast VFX in London, was asked to recreate the artifacts and buildings. And the program he was using MAYA!! Suddenly I can feel the world open up so many more opportunities around the world using my skills!! Imagine recreating an Egyptian city!! or the Myans!!

It seems Simon Clarke takes part in several Documentries like this one. He has done work for BBC, National Geographic , Discovery and Channel 4!

Getting to work on projects like this would take you around the world, to see and experience things you wouldn’t normally see. You would need to get hands on to recreated an accurate reconstruction. That to me seems incredibly exciting