There are 40 million online Xbox online users and 90 million PS3 online users. It turns out that there are worries about terrorist and paedophiles using our online gaming consoles to communicate and share sensitive information. I covered the worries of paedophiles in a previous blog but now terrorist?? I do think the consoles communication abilities have been overlooked as people see it more for just playing games, but not as this multimedia machine. But now officials are becoming more aware of its communication capabilities and want to develop hacking software to be able to gain access to this possible ‘sensitive information’ on these consoles. It’s the US officials that have assigned a contract to the tech company Obscure Technologies to develop a prototype to capture data.

Chris Boyd senior threat researcher said;

“The project highlights the need for gamers to be more security conscious around their console”

So basically the article came with a warning to ‘ think about what we are doing with our consoles, what information we are storing on them, the kind of communications we are having with people and what sensitive data we are putting through them.