One thing Nicky Ball emphasized on was that we cant expect to go in at the top in our desired profession, we need to start at the bottom and work our way up. So I had a look at what these jobs would be and entail on the web and took these from actual live jobs.


Production assistant apprentice

•Supporting all producers across all media

•Researching directors and other crew where required
•Assisting in the arranging of crew for shoots
•Generating call sheets / booking of post-production / cars for shoots / risk assessments etc…
•Attendance at shoots for on and off-air if required
•Organising radio bookings where required
•Ensuring music cue sheets completed per project for delivery to transmissions
•Rotation and clocking projects for TV
•Ensuring Health and Safety procedures are adhered to
•Liaising with runners duties day-to-day through team meetings
•Ensuring freelance production have the support around them to do their job i.e. desks, petty cash, staff, IT support
•making sure show reels are up to date (mpegs / jpegs created for all projects for new business)
•Archiving & logging of all project material across the business
•Cutting basic house reels when required
•Organising photographing of all outdoor work where required by Print Producer


A runner works as the most junior member of the production team and will get involved in all aspects of the production from making the tea, running around to pick up tapes and props etc, to helping out with research.

  • Look after the contributors/actors
  • Go and get lunch on location/for a small office
  • Go and get props to film on location
  • Make the tea
  • Move cars around
  • Move set/set dressing around
  • Pleasant personality
  • Good communication skills
  • Sensitivity
  • Lots of energy
  • Curiosity
  • Attention to detail
  • Lateral thinking
  • Knowing when to shut up
  • Not afraid of getting their hands dirty
  • Not too grand to make the sandwiches/wash up, etc.
  • Commonsense