This is just a quick post about where I have been finding things to blog about for the creative industry module.

Twitter @Blaine901

I have started to you use Twitter as a way to keep up with goings on with companies in my areas of interest. This is a quick and easy way to get information coming to me and i have been finding recently that people have been following me on twitter who have similar interests and few tutorial makers have added me so in turn I have added them and can make use of their advice and videos. But I’m making sure that my Twitter account is just a professional outlet for my thoughts work and interests within the industry. I want to be able to direct a client or other professional to my Twitter account.

News paper / Metro

Quite often a Metro news paper is floating around the studio and I have been finding it a really good source for unusual and interesting articles about the gaming /industry/ technology. I dont buy the news paper, wouldn’t read it but I do have a flick through to see if there is anything I might find relevant for the course.

BBC news web site

Mainly the Education / technology /sci& environment section I have been finding some great and sometimes bizarre things to blog about and in quite a range of topics surrounding the industry.


I dont really use Facebook for work/college. I’m trying to keep a separation between work and my personal life. But I do find information from 3D world page and CGSociet, also about new films. These keep me in the loop about competitions, new artists and tutorials available.I get posts on my news feeds daily and it is probably the only web page I do look at daily so maybe I need to make sure I look at my Twitter on a daily basis.