Annabeth demonstrated some types of motion tracking to me on After Effects. This one is the perspective corner pin test using Tracker. After Annabeth demonstrated the corner  pin track i gave it a go myself at home using the same footage.

I was successful! It’s isn’t hard when you apply commonsence and other skills that transfer over from other programs. I did notice that the area was a bit small to cover the whole screen but you can easily adjust that to fit.

The corner pin track its very good for covering areas like signs and screens. It uses 4 tracking points to gather data from at once.

Once the track points are in place you hit ‘track motion’ and it calculates the data.

Just as a test i created a new purple solid with in the composition with the footage I was tracking. In order to replace the tracked area with something else you need to tell it what layer you want to replace it with. You do this in the Edit Target section.

That layer could be anything, another moving image, sign or bluring out like the do on Cop shows etc.

In this test the track was ver good, it stuck well to the tracking points.

I was thinking how I could take this up a notch and do something effective with it. While i was thinking about my fave movie Avatar, I remembered they had these transparent panels with CG interfaces on them in a moving image. Now they could have used this type of method to track the interface onto these panels in post.

So i’m going to give something like this ago next.