I had a really good day with Annabeth on Tuesday. We didn’t have a time tabled session so she sat with me and gave me a crash course in motion tracking which was brilliant because I wasn’t really sure where to even start. In my last module I was so disappointed that I had to cut out my final shot because it couldn’t be tracked, so I thought it would be a good skill to know in the industry. Having spent even a short time using tracker in aftereffects it would have been possible to track if only i had just a few points of tracking.

I was shown the tracking in Aftereffects;

  • Point track;

We took a quick piece of footage to test the point track. But we were unscucessful. The contrast wasn’t high enough against my skin so that when it passed in front of my face it would loose it. We tried a track at the top of the pen and at the base of the pen, but neither were successful. I will attempt this again on a similar level, maybe if there was a high contrasting spot on the pen it might have tracked. Something to remember when I try this again.

  • Stabilize with position and rotation;
Using point track you can stabilize footage using position and rotation. This give you two tracking points one for point track and the other measures the degree of rotation.
The stabilized footage is far from perfectly stable, the footage was too shaky in the first place to be fully stabilized . So not all shaky footage can be perfectly stabilized, it can be improved but not made perfectly still.
  • Perspective corner pin.
I have gone into detail about the perspective corner pin track on another post as i wanted to do some further tests with it. But basically the cornier pin track tracks 4 points of movement, within the space of the 4 corners the area can be replaced with another image of footage as demonstrated in the test above.
Note to self, the heavier the motion the bigger the tracking box.
Anna also showed me 3D motion tracking using MatchMover which was really exciting! After seeing the result Annabeth got with the 3D track test she showed me I got very excited!I’m going to talk about 3D motion tracking in a separate post as there is a lot to talk about. I think this is it, that direction I have been looking for! Up until now I liked a bit of everything, but I was worried I was going to go out in the world with no direction, think I’m finding one now finally.