Intrim crit went well i think. I stated what it is i plan to do, how i plan to do it and the out come. I think i was clear and to the point, avoided rambling and wasn’t so tongue tied in front of a smaller group, so i could think and answer questions much clearer and take in feedback. One of the comments was ‘theres a lot of work’ but this is less than half of what i wanted to do originally! It may seem a lot of work to someone who hasn’t attempted match moving, but one test only takes a day or two to complete because they are just tests. I have given myself 2 main deliverable, 10 demonstration of motion capture and 10 demonstration of motion tracking. I want to allow myself time to read and research into the programs and do lots of little experiments and tests rather than expecting in 2 months to produce something like transformers not really learning what other things the program can do.

After my power point it was suggested i look at;

  • Mocha in Aftereffects – tools for motion tracking and rota-scoping(shape tracking) Mocha features podcast
  • Stitch up and Photoshop for sticking together environment maps (360 degree photos)
  • locations, somewhere with water- Mat suggested a location with water would be nice for the reflections in the shape.
  • Doing a reflection layer- need to ask Mat about this because not sure what he meant. I’m amusing its something to do with Maya.
  • VFX brake down – When I have done these tests I should do a VFX brake down of them to make it apparent what it is that has changed in the footage and how Ive done it. ILM have a fantastic tool to show the original footage and the final shot on their home page. IML home page

I will look into and blog or experiment with each of the suggestion.