I wanted to write up in my own words what Matchmover does, but it is a mouth full and very technical.If i was to write it into my own words i don’t think it would make much sense. I have an understanding in my head of how it does it visually, but words are not always my strong point so i have found and excellent description of what the software does by Autodesk them selves.

Matchmoving is the computation of the global 3D geometry of a scene including camera path, internal parameters, and moving object. By exporting the real 3D camera path and parameters to animation software, the position and motion of virtual cameras can be accurately established. With the motion of the virtual cameras, new, matched image sequences can be created whose virtual objects are seamlessly composited into live action footage.

Matchmoving lets you accurately place 3D objects into a film, video or image sequence. For virtual objects to appear as part of the scene, the objects have to be rendered by a virtual camera whose motion exactly matches the motion of the actual camera that shot the film. Using Autodesk MatchMover you can generate the exact camera parameters that match the motion of the actual camera used in the sequence.

So matchmover creates a virtual camera that mimics the movement of the real live camera of some footage, that allows you to import it into animations programs like Maya, to then render from , so that the rendered images will match the movement when composited back into the live footage…. think thats makes sense.