One suggestion from my interim crit was to do VFX brake downs, so i have been taking a look at how companies go about doing theirs.

  • Prince of Persia
  • Jurassic Park

Even now 19 years on since the release of Jurassic Park in 1993, the VFX are still incredible. Now I normally have a keep eye for CG and Green screen etc but it wasn’t until I watched this break down that i realized that the upside down car, in the scene with T-rex ripping off its wheels, was CGI. It defiantly had me fooled i thought it was real/ special effects until today.

  • Harry potter

I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter, so i hadn’t really seen much of the VFX only clips on trailers. In this video you can see a lot of set extensions, using green/blue screen and your can see some taking markers on the fabric. Set extensions is something i haven’t done yet, maybe I’ll get chance to have a play over the summer.

  • 2012

I’m glad i found a VFX break down of the 2012 movie, as i watched it the other night and I’m still amazed at the quality and scale of the VFX. Watching this video you can appreciate how much time goes into each shot. It give you an idea into how many layers there are in a shot. In fact i believe there are more than shown, but this is a wicked VFX brake down example!

I’m not going to have near as many layers as these guys but it give me the sort of idea around a break down as i haven’t done one before.