After Annabeth walked myself and Andy through MatchMove we wanted to give it ago our selves but we weren’t really very successful. There was a few things different we wanted to do;

  • Use a better HD camera
  • Use dots on the surface to track from instead of paper so they could easily be removed from the footage later
  • and see if we could do it with out help


  • the had held HD camera wasn’t that much better than the one on my camera I used before. They dont work very well with artificial light.
  • The dots on the table couldn’t been seen from a reasonable distance (not high enough contrast from a distance)
  • We used green dots but the table had green flecks in it and the program would have trouble distinguishing the dots.
  • The footage was far too shaky, in some frames the footage had too much blur on it that the colour of the dots would not be distinguishable from other colours surrounding and loose the track completely.

I’m not going to say that it was a total loss because we learnt from it. I could now probably analyse the footage before hand to see if its possible to track. I understand that the movement of the footage cant be to sharp or jarry because tracks work frame by frame around an area and if that tracking point was to jump out of frame or blur too much it looses the track.

So we did a second test hoping to get better trackable footage. We did it outside for better light, made sure to avoid any fast movements and did a test wit some poke chips Andy had. The blue chips barely showed up on the camera but the yellow was really vibrant. But we didn’t think at the time that we probably wouldn’t need to add tracking points, the cross’s on the pavement may have been enough to track the footage. The chips were quite reflective and the light would change the color of the chips in some frames.

Again the the footage wasn’t great, I think the reflections would loose the track and the footage was still a little too shaky. I like the handy cam look sometimes it adds an air  of realisum, but thinking about it now that could be done in post.

I was quiet disappointed about spending the whole day on match moving with out achieving a good enough track to be able to export a camera. But looking back on the day I did learn a lot about what is trackable and why or why not.