I wanted to do a track with some HD footage that i could try doing independently and wanted to be able to remove the tracks from the footage.

I liked my spinning top and wanted to use it in some HD footage and feel it looks really good. But i have been having so much trouble removing the tracking dots.

I have tried several different ways;

The clone tool made such a smudgy mess, not really sure how, towards the end I ended up with double the amount of tracks I started with. I haven’t completely understood how it works and I find that I works best with programs and tools when i understand how they work. It might just take me a little longer to grasp this one.

I tried a perspective corner pin track with a cropped piece of the table I took from one of the png sequence’s of the footage.

But even with some colour correction it didn’t work at all. There are some reflections that change on the table and the pannel is really obvious.

I tried 2 ways of masking. I used one frame from the PNG sequence and used the clone tool in photoshop the remove the tracking dots. Then through keyframing the rotation and position roughly simulated the path using the cross of all four tables meeting. Then used an animated mask on that layer on the top of the tracking dots.

It seems to sort of work, but the colour changes too much in the table for any feathering to blend inconspicuously.

I also tried individually masking out the spots.

I tried this time duplicating the video layer but there would be points were the tracking dots on the masked layer would be to close to the dots on the base layer. In fact towards the end one of the dots un avoidably appear. Again i don’t really understand why to correct it but even so it didn’t really work either.

It was the same problem as the other masking test. The light doesn’t fit and also with this mask and the last the footage doesn’t move similarly to the base footage at all.

So as you can imaging this is very frutrating. So i took the advice of some friends and E-mailed a few VFX companies to see if they could help, to see how they would takle it. I haven’t heard back yet but it has only been a few days.