For a really good track you need Data!

For the tracks I have been dealing with I have been recording the size of the Film Back, focal length and frame rate of the camera. Also the measured distance of the tracking points.

The cameras dont always have these specifics on the camera so it is a case of looking throught the manuall or finding it online. So it will alway be an idea to take down the name and make of the camera.

In the book ‘ The art and technique of matchmoving’ by Erica Hornung she recomends you collect and recored every little bit of data you can.

Details on;

  • the location
  • the buildings
  • furniture
  • trees
  • landscape features
  • light poles
  • chairs
  • cars
  • carpets

Anything that can be measured and stays still long enough and photograph everything for reference later. For the camera she say to record;

  • the lens
  • the focal length
  • the focus distance
  • distance to subject
  • hight
  • tilt
  • roll
and anything else you can record.
I have only been doing small tests but if i were to do a track to production quality standared i will definatly take as much details and measurements as possible.
These measure ments and information is then inputted into a match move program to achieve the best track possible.