Using the same footage and Matchmover exported camera for the test i did with chris’s model, i wanted to see how an object would look moving around a tracked space. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time modeling or animating something so i thought i would quickly model a spinning top and putting it on a motion path.

Took a quick refreasher from Matt to remember how to attatch it to the path using CV curves and locators. Something i didn’t know was you could get the animation the play infinitely using pre and post infinity in the graph editor so that was handy.

Doing it this way it only took about half an hour to model, apply a simple UV map and animate. Using the multicoloured UV map meant that you could see it spinning where if it was just one colour you wouldn’t see the spinning animation.

Low rez playblast

It seemed to move nicely around the space with no problems but didn’t look quite so place in the scene as my last test with chirs’s alien. It just needed some color correction, blur and a shadow adding.