The are a few ways to prepare the footage for a better track.

  • If the footage is interlaced, de-interlace it
  • Export the footage as and image sequence
  • If the footage needs stabilizing for the shot stablize it (it would help keep the track)
  • Sharpen the image
  • color correct it using RGB channels
  • boost the contrast.

I have been sharpening the footage since Andy suggested it to me and read in ‘The art and technique of match moving’  about how a professional preps their footage. Thinking about it it makes a lot of sense. Because although the footage maybe de saturated or colour corrected but the action and movement of the camera doesn’t change so once the track is finished you just composite it with the original footage.

By preparing the footage you can create higher contrasting tracking areas, giving the program a better and more confident track.