So Andy and I are doing this one together. Achieving a track with a large open space. For me I want to put a simple metallic shape in the large space take and envrinoment map for realistic reflections.

So the plan is to do it this Tuesday, the 15th. So whats the weather going to be like?

We are planning on filming in the morning, possibly on a few locations, first stop Millennium square Leeds. We might be lucky and miss the rain but if not, just means another challege and AfterEffects has a rain effect.

I’m going to give Leeds council a quick ring, just to ask permission/let them know what we are doing incase it attracts any attention. I’ll be taking my surveyors tape measure to take down the hight from the floor to the camera and from the camera to the position I want to put my shape in. We also need the focal length and film back.

Fingers crossed things go smoothly.