I feel totally out of my depth at the minute. This motion capture stuff is so complicated and i’m having such a difficult time installing the Faceware trial. I knew that the motion capture was going to be complicated but I only wish I had tackled this first. All I want to do is get 10 Seconds of motion capture data onto my model, but anyone in the industry would say Only 10 seconds?!. Time time time, I  know it takes time but time is running out, something has got to give. I’m feeling the practical Faceware test is going to have to be saved for another time, i just cant get it working and the worst part of it, I wanted to use it for my end of year presentation! I have their beautiful facial rig maybe I can do something with that for my presentation.

It’s my own fault again and I wont learn. I just want to do and learn so much that I think I am overwhelming myself.

So Faceware test has gone, crossed off my list for another day. Just need to focus on my large motion track and my 10 sec demonstration of motion capture data on my model. The only other thing in my brief was looking into Xbox kinnect hacking. I never intended to actually hack and use the Xbox kinnect but do some research into it. Plus there are the crazy amount of blog posts i still want to do…best get cracking.