So my indipendant track went well… the third time round. I was having trouble getting a good camera solve from matchmover. I was getting very frustrated as both tutor Matt and friend Andy both had a go at the same footage and got a really good solve. I tried it 3 times and on the third time i got it. but i am not sure what i was doing different. I have a feeling that it could have been the bounding box around the track. I just kept re-sizing them and everntually i got a good , mostly green solve. After inputing the co-ords etc i opened it in maya and dropped a cube in the scene.

With this play blast you can see it is a really nice track. The cube looks firmly set on the table, i am very happy with that Pretty confident that i will be able to do it again.

After trying to mask out the tracking markers and failing (explained in a previous post) i decided to simply place some cubes over each one to cover them up. A bit sneaky i know but it worked nicely.

I did two render passes in maya. One of the shadows only and one of the blocks only, with a 2 pixel blur. Annabeth suggested bluring it in Maya as it would be a 3D blur rather than adding a 2D one in AfterEffects.

By rendering out the shadows separately this allowed me to soften them in an AfterEffect layer to match them with the lighting in the footage, which I think has worked quite nicely. They look very much like they are on the table. Really pleased and will be using this as 5 seconds of my 10 second motion tracking demonstration.