Saturday 19th I helped Andy with a shoot based on the final shot from the video Eye of the storm.

I was a bit concerned about the color of the tracking points as we were using green tape on a green screen. From what i had been learning about tracking you need high contrasting points and green on green wasn’t high contrast. But Andy was confident it would be fine and it was. Putting the footage into AfterEffects and applying the Effect Threshold to prep the footage for tracking and the tracking points stood out brilliantly. I’m not 100% sure how threshold works, I have a feeling it is something to do with light and luminosity, but I can’t find a clear definition of how it works to gain a better understanding.

We put up the set and had to make shift a dolly as the proper one was on loan.

We got some really nice footage and while we had the set up and the studio all day we did some extras shots to play with on our own time. So we had maximum greenscreen coverage we clipped the greens screen to the chairs.

As this is for Andy’s project I wont be using this footage for part of my negotiated studies but we have been putting our heads together to try and come up with the best way of getting the effect.