Looking at types of tracks I could do, I wanted to try and see how I could achieved this effect they did in Avatar. These interactive panels are transparent and has an interface composited onto the plain.

I recently bought a reading panel that has a hard plastic transparent sheet, this was perfect to use as a prop for my interface test.

I took two sets of footage and tried to do a perspective corner pin track straight away. Both sets of footage had problems tracking. With the shot of Andy holding the prop it had trouble tracking when the colors around the tracking dots changed and it would loose the track.

With this shot, as I pretended to interact with the plane to add interactions later. The problem with this was my hand would obscure the tracking points and then lose the track.

After leaving it for a few days while getting on with other tracking in MatchMover, i wondered if, like Matchmover, I could re-position the track when it gets lost, so I gave it ago. While it was tracking forward i would stop it when it was going of track and re-position the bounding box over the tracking point. For one tracking point I had to re-position frame by frame when my hand would cover the dot and do it by eye until the dot was visible again and would pick up the track. It worked! I guess this is a lesson to prevail and problem solve using experience gained from other programs.

I made a new solid and did a very basic animation on the layer. I wanted to make sure i applied a moving image to the source of a tracked plane as i hand done it yet. This was very simple, i just had to make sure the animation was on the right section of the time line. Added a little blur for the illusion of emitting light and a back light of added effect.

So i did it! I worked out a way of creating a similar effect to that of the Avatar picture using knowledge I gained in this module!

It looks good, its very basic but it’s done the job and would be able to do it again!