Below are some screen recordings of the data collected from my session with the motion capture suit. You’ll have to forgive the quality, I had to sit with a camera in front of the screen as windows  didn’t have any software to screen record and I needed a way to demonstrate what I had been doing.

I opened the BVH files in MotionBuilder, they look great, there are lots of subtle movements recorded but there are plenty of areas that need a clean up. But for this module i think i need to stop there with the motion capture for now but i have been reading up a few things about it. Like what is clean up?

In the book ‘MoCap for Artists’ by Midori Kitagawa and Brian Windsor, it describe ‘ Cleaning data ‘ as removing Bad data or replacing data  with better data or creating data where there is none. But they describe this process as time consuming and advise to try again and use clean up as a last resort. Looking at the data I collected mainly the boxing recording ,seen at 1.40, When the skeleton punches the the punches are very low, where as Ben was punching quite high. Places like that i could apply data clean up and bring the arms up.

I think this came about in the first place because of the type of motion capture suite. The skeleton would slip and move with the movement of the actor and the gyros would be out of sink with the ‘north’ data and so giving and inaccurate recording of the actors movement.


I asked Ben to jump for me and nothing really seemed to happen, it turns out that you have to switch on the ‘Jump’ ability on the motion capture software. But this isn’t a great jump, seen at 0.40, Ben jumps, the skeleton jumps side ways and stays in the air longer than Ben did. This could be because the gyros get thrown off by the sudden force of movement and can not detect when the actor has hit the floor again as we have not told the software where the floor is. If this was a camera driven mocap, you could triangulate and place markers telling the system where the floor is in the scene.

I think this is why there were problems with the sitting and crawling test seen at 2.45. The software doens’t no where the floor is and seems to try and keep the skeleton upright. The skeleton hands dont touch the floor.

So there seems some limitations to this particular Mocap system, it gets easily thrown off with not understanding of where the floor is in 3D space. It works really well with up right motions and you get some lovely smooth and subtle detail that you probably couldn’t get with key frame animating.

I asked Ben to do a couple of things; Walk, box, jump and throw. I asked Ben to box because the idea was that i was initially applying this data to my character Alexis the boxer and thought it would be nice to have her perform some characteristic moves. I also asked for 10 seconds of walking and throwing. The idea of the throwing was to later on compost in a ball or something like that for a bit of fun.