I have looked at a few books in this module and bought a couple too.

I bought ‘The Art and technique of Matchmoving, solutions for the VFX Artist’ by Erica Hornung. I have found this book really good, written by a woman who is in the industry and it’s nice to read a book about how it is actually done in the industry. One thing that helped me from this book was the best way to prep my footage with colour correction and sharpening etc. It helped me understand what a job in matchmoving would in-tail. I haven’t read it cover to cover yet, but i’ll get there.

I bought ‘Compositing Visual Effects, Essentials for the Aspiring Artist, second Edition’ by Steve Wright. After the VFX module I had an interest in to what programs like AfterEffects can do. Also it has a chapter on match moving so it was relevant to my negotiated studies. This book has a massive range of different visual effects that you can do, tips on lighting, shooting a clean back plate and loads more! There are things in there that i don’t understand yet! but i’ll get there and its good to know what effects can be achieved so that i can plan projects more efficiently knowing what I need to do before hand.

For the motion capture side of my brief I got out some books from the library.

Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation by Alberto Menache

Human Motion Based on Actor Physique Using Motion Capture by Jong Sze Joon

MoCap for Artists by Midori Kitagawa – Brian Windsor

I haven’t really read though these in depth but I have been flicking through them and gain a brief understanding of clean up.