I have used my model from a previous module to attach the data to that i have recorded from Ben in the mocap suit. But before hand i need a bound rigg applied to my model. But i needed it to be as close to the skeleton exported by the gypsy software. It is a very basic skeleton head, shoulders, arm, forearm etc, but no digits like fingers and toes, but most importantly these joints are labled correctly to what they are. Once thats bound to my character i exported the scene (the bound model and skeleton  ) as an FBX to later import to motionbuilder to attatch my rigg.

I have been trying to follow an online tutorial and i am finding it all a bit overwhelming. I can import my mocap performance BVH file fine, it dances around fine. But in the tutorial it said I need to tell the computer what parts are what, where the elbow is for example. But I couldn’t find this list of data, the tutors was in a drop down called optics but i have no such drop down. I tried looking in other files but no such luck, so far. For now i just skipped that part and had a look at what was needed next. A puppet, I tried to get my head around it, but i am really struggling. I scaled the puppet fine , but you need to tell it which limp is influenced by which. I tried it and it was a horrible distorted mess. I need to tell the program which joints are which before i can attach the puppet.

Mat had a look at it with me but no cigar. I think it is time to call it a day on mocap for this module, i need to research into it a lot more before i think about attaching the data to a character.