I came across Mocha while looking up tracking software. I had a look at this tutorial to see what it was about.


It focuses on planar tracking and could open up a lot more options for VFX compositing. In this tutorial they track out the fore ground from one sequence and place it in another. This would be so good for adding buildings to a back ground or hills and mountains.

So when I had trouble tracking my interface idea in AfterEffect I thought I would try planar tracking it in Mocha.

Well… I literally opened and closed it. Someone showed me how to put in a bounding box but after that i was just lost. I felt a this late stage in the module i didn’t have time to get wrapped up in another program as i still have Motion capture to cover and some performance capture. But hopefully if there is time I will follow a tutorial for it and have a go. If not there is plenty of time over the summer.