After the Millennium disaster Annebeth took me through what I needed to do to get better footage from a DSLR for what I wanted to do with it. We used a bigger space again, but used a faster shutter speed and wider aperture to eliminate the blurriness I got in the previous test.

Well this worked much better, I got a much better track of which I did manually, Annabeth also showed us that we can place the grid manually in Matchmover if the camera solve is off.

I’m lucky I exported the camera when i did because when I tried to reopen the Matchmover file it had corrupted! Lesson learnt MAKE MORE BACK UPS! Especially as Match mover has a habit of crashing on you mid camera solve and any other time it feels like it.

I totally forgot that the camera was still set to tungsten but I just colour corrected it again. But Mat showed me the tint effect in Aftereffects that sort of matched the boxes in the seen quite nicely. But i prefer the colour corrected one.

I’m happy i did a bigger track involving surroundings and not just some dots on paper. Maybe I shouldn’t have made such a massive leap from the dots on the paper to a very large open space and thought about an inbetween track like this one. but thats me aiming high…again.