The millennium square shoot wasn’t great unfortunately but it was a test after all.

1. The lighting was set to tungsten on Andy’s DSLR so when we got back and took a look at the footage it was blue. but that wasn’t a major issue as its about tracking not visual effects. So I did a rough color correction for when I composite my cube in.

2. The shutter speed was too low that a lot of frames were blurred making it harder to track. So it needs a high aperture and shutter speed to eliminate motion blur. The only problem with this is the footage can look CG but you can add a bit of blur in post to take that perfect edge off it.

3. Although the buildings tracked alright, the floor barely tracked, with no tracks above 100 frames. I tried to resolve this by using the threshold effect in AfterEffects.

Although the lines on the floor stood out really well using threshold the footage was very noisy. Taking it into Matchmover and trying to manually track the floor with the corrected footage was possible but it wasn’t accurate enough. The pixels within the bounding box weren’t consistent, instead of a nice neat lines the while and black pixels would change to white as the camera panned round. I think this is why I got a very bad track, Matchmover was doing it’s job I just hadn’t provided it with good enough footage. Because of the changing pixels it thought the camera was moving and tracking it, when it wasn’t. I highlighted what i mean in the clip below, you can see the color of the pixels changing on and area i tried to track.

I also tried turning the image to black and white, sharpened it and upped the brightness. But because of the blurred frames it wasn’t possible to maintain a solid track. I tried manually tracking the cracks in the pavement and the corners where the different colored tiles meet.

4. Because I was having trouble with the camera solve Annabeth said to take out any lens distortion and see if that helps. Turns out there was quite a degree of lens distortion, so using AfterEffects we tried to correct that using Optics Compensation under Distortion Effect.

So here is my first export…

It’s pretty bad, with the skills I have learn over the last few weeks I just couldn’t get a better track. I do think that threshold is to blame for the shakiness but i couldn’t get a track on the floor without it. I think it also didn’t help that the tracks on the buildings in the background were so far away, confusing the camera solve.

I tried making the cube float but that was only slightly better, the shadow made it very obvious that it moves in the scene.

So i took the shadow out…

Still bad but this test was not a total loss! I have learned so much to be prepared for the next shoot. I thought that there would be enough to track but next time I’ll be sure to put some markers down. I think I was worried about masking them out but I could have just hidden them under the cube that I wanted to composite in. oh well next time I know what to do!