It was very kind of Bloom agency to host a movie as part of Leeds Digital Festival. Simon Wilson, the Creative Services Director at Bloom was incredibly welcoming and easy to talk to, the whole night was a pleasant evening with free pizza and beverage. It had unexpectedly turned into a small networking event, but that is probably down to my inexperience of events like these. Next time I wont be so unsuspecting and need to be prepared to take hold of any opportunities that might cross my path at any time! ( need to get those business cards printed )

My pleasant experience with bloom has defiantly boosted my confidence in contacting people in the industry. Mr Wilson was very honest and willing to share his knowledge and had some very valuable advice for us, mainly about how important the right attitude and a well thought about portfolio can help you in obtaining attention and work within the creative industry. With advice like presentation, research into your client or possible employer before a meeting or providing in a showreel or portfolio. He was also very open about the fact that they do take people on for work experience , so I E-mailed Mr Wilson to ask what Bloom Digital use in ways of software and the types of media they use, to see if I could be in a relevant position to ask for a placement being a Digital Film, Games and Animation student and not a Graphics student. With the skills I have I am perfectly capable of creating digital media for advertising, it’s just is it the right digital media for Bloom?