As part of the Leeds digital festival, Bloom Digital advertising agency , held a free movie night screening Indie Game: The Movie (2012).

I tagged along with my friends form college and it was a really interesting and relevant movie to what I have been studying. I found it quite a emotional roller coaster and left me with flickers of regret about choosing this course. I’m not really into Indie games, I have played a few mainly though my Ipod.But I can understand and appreciate what has gone into creating them.The movie is a documentary about four indie game develops, designer Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes, Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow.

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes created Super Meat Boy for Xbox, a 2D platform game about a skinless boy facing a dangerous obstacle course in order to rescue his girlfriend ( who is in bandages) from a fetal fiend.

Phil Fish developed FEZ, a 2D game that incorporates 3D elements and you play as a little white dude wearing a ‘Fez’.

Jonathan Blow is the creator of Braid, one of the highest rate games ever. It is a 2D platform game using time manipulation to complete puzzles.

These guys dreams and obsessive passions are on the line and you can see it in their faces, you feel for them, well I feel for them because one day that will be my hopes and dreams on the line and it makes me think ‘is this what I have to look forward to? No social life? friendships and relationship in jeopardy? physical and emotional exhaustion? At one point in the movie I did well up, when you see the tears forming in the eyes of Edmund McMillen when he and Tom finally release the game and start to seek the rewards of their incredible hard work and determination. At that point of the movie I did smile a big smile, the movie had a happy ending after all.