So have been trying to keep myself up to date with whats going on in the would of digital media and getting my self linked and synced! Seeing as I find it had to sit down and read a magazine or a news paper I have linked my twitter feed to my desktop and now have live updates from the people and companies I am following. These tweets are proving very useful for my PPP3 module, giving me plenty of interesting and relevant things to blog about.  I am trying to keep my self up to date  for the world to see. I have linked my blog to twitter so every time I post it automatically tweets it. I have published my portfolio website using the site Webs with plans to upgrade it to my own domain, once I have a substantial amount of work uploaded to it. There is also a blog on my website that I plan to use for updates on what I am up to and projects I am developing rather than using it for degree work, although my degree blog is linked.

As far as work is concerned I have a website , UK Jobs Network, that E-mails me daily with jobs opportunities within the CGI industry. It is useful to see what is actually available, what experience and skills are needed and compare them to the skill I have learnt and need to learn in order to be in with a chase.

My business cards are almost finished, I finally found a nice font that suited the style of my card and I am just in the process now of finishing the image for the reverse of the card.