I am spoiled for choice when I comes to the caterpillar! There are 180,00 different species! I can’t possibly look through them all so I have just gathered a few. There are hairy ones, spiky ones and your silky ones, which are more like what you would imagine if you think ‘caterpillar’. There are also some really quite ugly ones that can look quite frightening close up.

As fantastic as these look I feel I need to keep away from replicating ones like these as I need to think about my audience. I need something that wont scare the children and is recognizable by the general public, with the more exotic and unusual caterpillar the majority of the public would not recognize it as a caterpillar. Some even look like snakes and the really hairy ones, Guinea pigs. For this reason I will be looking at replicating the more generic looking species or the spiky ones.

Thinking about the two pictures as a set, if I was to pick the black and yellow dragonfly I would pick a species with some yellow and black tones.