My peer ,Jade Hodgson , recalled an image she saw in the September 2012 3D world magazine, of a ladybird. This ladybird was completely CG and produced by 3D Artist Denis Bodart.

The one thing that I am most intrigued about this image is the hair strands, I think it really adds a realistic edge to the image. Below is a brake down of the ladybird.

In Denis Bodart’s animation, as fantastic as the model and still renders are, I don’t think the animation has the same impact. In some shots the bug looks to bright,maybe need some IBL? I think the first shot needs a harder shadow to match the harshness of the shadow under the cheque in the shot. The very end shot, landing on the shoe, doesn’t look right, from my my experience with ladybirds. Not that I have an extensive knowledge of ladybugs, I have as much knowledge as the next person, but I thought ladybirds were much more clumsy in taking off and landing. In the last shot it looks like it’s a plane coming into land on a runway.

Something I have noticed is that it is much more difficult to make something look realistic when its moving. Thats pretty much what my dissertation is all about. Although the still image looks fantastic and realistic the moving animated thing looks less realistic. I think this is because there are so many more factors to consider and get one wrong and it can fall under the uncanny label.

I have been in touch with Denis and he is very happy to answer my questions and will hopefully be able to contact him further in regards to this project.