To get a closer look at some insects I booked an appointment at the Leeds discovery center and they were very welcoming and willing to help. What a fantastic little place full of so many fantastic things! You could spend days just taking in everything they have collected! collections of bug, birds, bears, vintage clothing, gramophones all sorts!!!

I went along with my colleague, armed with a DSLR camera and macro lens to take some photographic reference. But unfortunately all the insects were behind glass so it was very difficult to get any decent photos although we managed to get a couple but none I could use for textures. We got some good ones of the wings and where they join and it was great to get a closer look at them but they where dead and they looked dead. The colors had faded and they looked so lifeless, so even if they weren’t behind glass I don’t think they would have been any use for texturing. Also i was looking for a few specific species and although they had quite a big collection they didn’t have them. I’m not going to say I was disappointed because I a really glad I had the opportunity to have a look around and ‘Discover’ this marvelous collection. I do have another opportunity lined up to hopefully photograph some live ones.