After looking at several different species of dragonfly the one that is appealing to me the most is the Dragonhunter, sometimes called the black dragon. I chose it mainly for its colours and transparent wings as apposed to coloured wings. I would also like it to be a male as it’s the males that have the more vibrant colours and defined segments in the abdomon. The males also have a slimmer abdomen with a swollen tip and the females have a lot thinker abdomen.

Below male Dragonhunter

below female dragon hunter

Photographs courtesy of Glenn Corbiere

It can reach lengths of 80 – 85 mm and have a wing span of 95mm and are carnivorous. They often eat dragonflies up to their own size and feed on butterflies and other larger insects. Their habitat are predominantly forest streams and rivers in eastern United States and Southeastern Canada. They have a black and white colouring and green, widely separated eyes and is the largest of the club-tail family.

I have been in touch with Mr Corbiere and he has granted me permission to use these images and has kindly offered to look for any other high resolution images for me.