I felt very unsure about my presentation as the word photorealism seemed to be frowned upon with the tutors during other peoples presentations and chats with the tutors before hand. But i’m not really sure why, as realistic and photo real is a term used within the industry to describe a style of digital art that mimics real life characteristic to a very high degree. I felt very deflated afterwards and was ready to scrap the whole thing and do something new, but didn’t as i had spent so much time researching and preparing what i was going to do.

After the initial nerves about it passed there wasnt’t really anything added to what i was doing. I think i articulated what it was i was doing and wanted to chive by the end of it very well.

One idea i did have was that i could motion track it into a live scene, but i always seem to give myself to much work so i think i just need to stick with my original idea and make it look as real as my skills will allow me.