Not really sure how I came about this information but I thought it was interesting to read. It is a time line of computer animation bench marks in film and television.

I’m not going to write it all out but the link is there if you want to see whats on the list but I am going to pick out a few early interesting ones.

  • Star Wars 1977 – used an animated 3D wire-frame graphic for the trench run briefing sequence.
  • Superman: The movie 1978- first film with a CGI title sequence
  • Looker 1981 – First CGI human character, Cindy. Also first use of 3Dshaded CGI
  • The Works 1982 – The New York Institute of Technology Computer Graphics Lab premiered a trailer at SIGGRAPH for their CGI project. This would have been the first feature-length CGI film, but it was never completed.
  • The adventures of Andre and Wally B 1984- Lucasfilm’s computer animation division creates an all-CGI-animated short. The first CGI animation with motion blur effects and squash and stretch motion.

This one always makes me smile.

  • Young Sherlock Holmes 1985 – Lucasfilm creates the first photorealistic CGI character, ‘stained glass knight’ with 10 seconds of screentime
  • Labyrinth 1986- first realistic CGI animal