Ok so I did a lot of thinking over the summer about what path am I going to take with the skills i have learnt in my time at Leeds College of Art. It is very hard deciding what it is I actually want to do because I want to do everything!!! but as people keep telling me, I cant DO everything. But i like DOING everything!

I enjoy setting up a film set, giving direction and filming.

I enjoy Editing

I enjoy giving life to objects and characters when I animate

I enjoy designing my own concepts and characters

I enjoy modelling environments and characters

I enjoy visual effects

So I needed to narrow it down a bit, what don’t I enjoy as much; Rigging, key-framing and UV mapping. I think that is only because I haven’t done much of it so my knowledge of those areas are minimal.

I know I really enjoy Maya, I can spend hours on it! So maybe i am a modeller? and if i was to be a modeller i think Uv mapping and texturing goes hand in hand. I need to be able to present my work to a high standard, so i need to know about shaders, lighting and rendering. I think this is where my focus is heading for my third year and there after. There is no reason I can’t keep developing my skills in other area of film, games and animation, but for the time being I need to focus, gain enough skills and knowledge in a small area so I am confident I have an area in the industry that I can claim to be a part of.