I have just finished modelling my dragonfly in maya and now its ready to be UV’d and taken into Mudbox for the more intricate detailing.

So here are a few quick renders using Ambient occlusion.

I think the most challenging part of this model was attaching the legs and wings. The wings mostly, because you need to think about how they would move in the real world, they need to be positioned so that they wouldn’t collide with each other if it were to move. With the legs it has been very hard trying to get close up pictures of how they are jointed. But with all the images I has referenced I think I have it worked out. At first i thought all the legs were the same length, but they are not. The back legs are considerably longer than the front set. In fact they get sorter as they get to the front of the body, so they have 3 pairs of legs at different lengths. I wouldn’t have noticed this if I hadn’t have gathered as much reference as I have.

I was having real trouble with the face, I tried modeling each of the sections separatly but i didn’t like the direction it was heading so i thought i would modle the basic shape in Maya and then use mudbox

There are a few other details I would like to add using Mudbox;

Considering I have only had a quick tinker in Mudbox I wanted to do as much of the modelling in maya as I could , just incase.

A friend had found a tutorial on Digital tutors that uses a dragonfly! So I shall be checking that out when I import it to Mudbox.


As I stipulated in my project proposal, I wanted to keep a time sheet so i could determined how long it takes me to model these insects to give me an inclination of how long a model takes me. Obviously different models will take longer or less time to do but it would give me and idea of how long its going to take me. So after several attempts at calculating my time sheet it took me approximately 22hrs to get to the stage it is at now. Although that doesn’t seem long, I need to be quicker and I could have been quicker, but that is only going to come with experience.