I have just had a really helpful talk with Bloom Agency at Leeds, following a move screening held there a few weeks ago. I felt really comfortable and confident in contacting the company due to how welcoming and down to earth they were. I contacted Si Wilson and kindly asked if I wanted to come in and have a chat rather than bounce Emails back and fourth.

Unfortunately Si was off sick, normally I E-mail or ring just to confirm a meeting for things like this, but this time I didn’t (make note, be sure to ring ahead) But the people at Bloom were more than happy to take me around the fantastic office spaces and sit and go through some questions I had and take a look at my website.

I went to bloom because although I am on a Digital Film, Games and Animation course, I wanted to see how the skills I have learn over the past three years could be put to use with advertising companies like Bloom.

So I am just going to make some bullet points of information I took from the meeting. This will be mainly for my benefit.

  • Although they do predominately website advertising, if they needed to do some film or 3D etc. they would source out someone like myself from agencies like Happy Finish.
  • I asked what would you expect from someone describing themselves as a CGI Artist? They replied 3D, character design, and models. Also that they would probably expect them to be able to do a bit of animation as well.
  • Augmented reality came up a few times, of course modelers would be needed in some Augmented reality app’s.
  • If I were freelance; Get on agencies books, go in and see the agencies.
  • Display a range of styles, realistic and stylized in my portfolio. Don’t limit my self to realistic.
  • Specialized or generalized? Always broaden your skills, the more you can do the more work you can get. You don’t want to be turning away work.
  • Experiment with programs like Maya and After-effects, modeling different shapes, trying different textures, your never know what you could come up with. Could end up with something for my portfolio or just developing skills.
  • Regards to my webpage; Put some work on my home page that instantly says what I do, my work is more important to the customer than who I am. Work should be the first thing they see. They really liked my hummingbird and suggested I use that.
  • Suggested I render our different angles of it, depth of field and a range of textures.
  • After looking at my showreel, it was suggested about a minute and a half long. Really like my motion tracking stuff (do some more, perhaps with product placement? like coke can? CG it into live action environment (advertising)
  • Look at work in pre-visualization?
  • Looking at my showreel they commented that things like my Sci-Fi shots perhaps would perhaps interest people in games and film more than people in advertising. (Think about putting together a showreel for advertising, the motion tracking stuff?) (One for Games and movies combined?)
  • Would rather see a really nice rendered and textures model, than a ropy animated model. Render out different lighting and angles. Close up stills would be nice.
  • They really liked the interactive turntable idea. A lot of websites are doing interactive turntables of products that are often CGI models.
  • Is it worth me having a physical portfolio? Digital is fine… but bring a laptop with your showreel or PDF’s of your work, just incase the meeting ends up in a coffee shop or their network is down and you cant gain access to the Internet etc., Be prepared. Also good to bring your CV but no more than two pages long.
  • I said I didn’t think it was a good idea to put unfinished work in my showreel (referring to my hummingbird, gym and tomb un-textured) they said even if its just some slight movement like a small camera pan in one shot, I should think about putting it in.
  • Think about effects and images that might be difficult to achieve in stills or other e.g. fluid is very difficult to photograph and get the right shot, that could be done using fluid simulators in 3D programs (think of other situations that might be difficult to achieve using real world means. (Look at packaging house’s that might need effects like this)
  • My business card was good, says what I do, and just might be worth adding 3D modeler or animator as well. Advised to remove the http: from my web address.

So lots to consider, new avenues to look into, it was a very useful morning, thank you Bloom Agency.