I hadn’t exported from Mudbox before so I took screen shots of the process for my benefit, from the test I did.


  • In Mudbox, drop down maps – Extract texture maps- New operation


  • Select Displacment map – method Subdivision- image size **** x **** (2048 x 2048)
  • Base file name – click the box with three dots (…) – give the export a name and save as file type ‘ openEXR 32 bit Floating Point RGBA (*.exr)’ save – export.
  • The export should look like something along these lines.


  • Apply the displacement map through the hypershade and attribute editor – Apply to the model.


  • Render out using Metal Ray – mental ray aproximation editor- subdivisions create.
  • Adjust displacement strength in the attribute editor – mentalray subdiv approx1- N subdivisions