Just a nice example of bugs being used in CGI.

It’s a good example of a project endeavoured to be photorealistic. I think the lighting was done very well on this piece and i think that is very important when achieving realism. The light looks very natural and fits the out door natural environment.

It was done my the VFX house ‘ The Mill’

I found another one from The Mill this time with realistic Butterflies.


It is a very beautiful and slightly haunting piece.


A nice example of a caterpillar.

This coca cola advert had quite a few different types of realistic looking insects.

I camme across a really stylised animated dragonfly designed for a fictitious alcoholic drink. I really liked the design even thought it is stylised and not a realistic like for like representation of a dragonfly.

I came across this very bazaar music video using dragonflys. The colours are quite mesmerising and the whole video is hypnotic.


Although it isn’t a CGI piece it is useful to see the different shapes and colours.