After i had finished sculpting in mudbox i started to paint on some textures. But before i did that i would have liked to have dome a base texture in photoshop like i would have done if the whole project was done in Maya. So i looked through the comands on the top bar and found ‘ Import UV’. I did a little test to find out if it would work. I exported the UV map in maya, opened it up in Maya and did a quick scribble on the map and saved it out as a Jpeg.


I selected ‘import UV’ in Mudbox, but the file type wasn’t compatable. It only seemed to recognise OBJ and Mudbox files. So I guess it would detect the UV map from those files and import it from there.

But a friend showed me a simpler way, if it decides to work, I can send the base level mesh back to Maya with the current UV mesh I have been texturing using the send to MAya option and the two programs will work together. I can edit the UV map in photoshop and apply it in the hypershade and then using the ‘Update in Mudbox’ and ‘Update in Maya’ options and work between the two. So thats the way I can edit the textures and get them back on to the Mudbox model.