This was a really comforting article to read. In an episode of Breaking Bad, the main character was tormented by a fly. As it was impossible to get a real fly to perform in the way that the directors would want it to, Entity FX had the task of creating a CG fly for the scene. Entity FX used maya, mental ray and after effect to produce the CG fly, all the elements that I plan to use to achieve mine. On the artical they mention three render passes. occlusion, diffusion and depth render pass.

I know what a occlusion render is but i wasn’t sure about the other two.

So i quickly looked them up.

– Diffusion is the colour pass of the object.

– Depth map. I’m a little confused as to what a depth map does. It is either a shadow map or depth of field map. I will have to investigate further myself.

Looking at the turn table shot the fly does look quite CG especially the eyes, but the picture at the top of this post is a close as you get to the fly on screen so it doesn’t really matter because at the distance on screen it look pretty realistic.