While I was painting my textures in Mudbox, I kept switching between default materials, from matt materials and ones with a higher specular. I was doing this because different areas of the dragonfly have deferent secularities. I knew that once I had finished painting the textures I would be able to paint my own specular map. Before I started to paint on the specular I chose a default very low specular material for the whole object. I also had to create a new layer and change the type to ‘specular’. I had never had any experience with specular maps and discovered they work on a grey scale like that of bump maps. Changing the colours along the grey scale makes them more or less light reflective, black means not light reflective and highest white is very reflective. After figuring that out it was very quick and easy to paint the specular areas. As I have been doing for the duration for the modeling and texturing, I used the reference images to find the most light reflective areas.

I think the tail looks really good and close to picture above it. I am very pleased with it so far. The eye could do with looking glassier, I’m hoping I could adjust that I’m Maya, but I’m not to worried because it still looks good.

Specular map

I discovered something odd when exporting this map. I exported ‘all paint layers’ I’m this case I had 2, colored texture map and specular map. I could only give the maps one file name, which of course over rid the map that was exported first because the file name already existed. This is very strange, so how was I supposed to export both maps? Not sure on that one, but I’m not going to worry about that with this project because I got the map I wanted for this blog.