The original plan was to photograph the species of dragonfly to source my own textures but things do not always go to plan. Turns out dragonfly season have finished, it peaks in May and June, and I’m doing this project September to December. So I have had to paint my own textures. I am really concerned about how this will affect the realistic look of my dragonfly. I just needed to remember the advice that Denis Bodart gave me. Always use reference images and

‘It makes you realize how unperfect things are, and to me that is what makes it so realistic. 
Unperfection!’  Denis Bodart

So I did a base layer, of clean colors, that added some green flecks I could see in some of the source images. Some grey, tints of blue and any other colours I could see to ‘unperfect’ it. I don’t think I did a bad job, but it could always be better.

I have only textured the main body as I have decided to tackle the wings in May for the transparency.

So it looks like I am done in Mudbox unless I need to tweak.