I have pretty much botched the wings which i am disappointed about, because they are the most impressive feature of a dragonfly. I wanted to use layered shaders to get a transparent reflective layer between the none transparent veins of the wings.

After having a chat with Mat about it I tested out a few ways to get the effect.

I thought I would try my luck and see if I could paint on the wings in Mudbox and hoping that the Alpha channel might also transfer across.


Unfortunately it didn’t, but I had to try.

I made a real rough wing shape and applied  the wing texture with the alpha, then added to transparent blinn and then combined them with the layered shader node.


The first attempt didn’t work , I think I put them in the wrong order in the layered shader.

I think the best way I found was to first plug in the transparent layer and then plug the veins into a lambert so they aren’t shinny and plug the lambert in to the layered shader, in that order and got a much better result.

test2Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 19.36.53

I tried plugging the veins into the colour of the anisotropic and it kind of worked but the whole surface was shinny and not just the spaces in between the veins.

I found I got the best results when i plugged the transparent anisotropic in to the layered shader first, then plugged the vein texture into a lambert, then plugged the lambert into the layered shader. This seemed to work really well.

without bump

Once I got that to work I tried a bump map on the lambert vein texture, which changes the surface slightly.

with bump

This made the veins darker and more defined as with out the veins were quite light.

One thing I will do before I add the wings to the model is thicken the lines to make them slightly more prominent.