I’m starting to think I hadn’t really thought enough about how much this project was going to involve. Once the model was textured and ready for placement, I hadn’t really anticipated rigging it. I’m my statement I mention I will make my model riggable but not necessarily rigged. But I need a way to pose it. I had a very brief look at the Mudbox posing tool and I mean brief. From what I did look at in Mudbox it seems very similar to Maya but I think I panicked about how long it would take me to bone, add controls and weight paint, so I thought it was best to stick at what I know to save me a few hours trying to learn how to rig using Mudbox. It took me a day and a half to do, considerably faster than the last time I rigged, but it was a day and a half that I had planned for rendering. I found I remembered a lot more than I thought. I only kept it simple and rigged the legs to make them easy to position however I want. I was surprised that I quite easily applied the skills I had learn to an insect with 6 legs as apposed to the bipedal characters I had done before. It seems I have got the hang of order of parenting, naming well and constraints, its not quite second nature at the moment.

I made some simple controls and changed the colour for easy visual reading. I also discovered why I have problems changing the colour of the controls in the VFX model. It was because I had put the controls on their own layer, that stops you from changing thee colour of them. So note to self, change the colour of the controls first and then put them on a layer.

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 12.45.11Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 14.45.19Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 11.20.03


After I had positioned the legs and angled the body I found myself wishing I had rigged the wings as they appear very geometrically flat, but I have all the files saved at different stages to there is no reason I cant go back a few stages and add more to the rig.

I could have saved modeled it pre posed so I wouldn’t have had to rig it, but it was nice to tweak it in the scene to my liking when it was ready for render.