Image Based lighting means capturing real world light through a photographand the software interpreting the image and projecting the simulated light into a 3D scene. This is mostly used as  sphere around the scene or object to project the light onto and around.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 19.44.02

IBL allows real world light to be used in a simulated scene instead of trying to do it manually.

Final Gathering works hand in hand with IBL. It sends out final gather rays in random direction and when it intersects a surface bounces off and you can set the number of times the light bounces off the object. I’m not 100 percent clued up on final gather, but i am trying to get my head around it, there are a lot of technical terms and assets that are new to me and i’m finding its taking me a bit longer to grasp.

I chose I woodland image because I wanted to use it as the backdrop for my turnaround as well. It had soft lighting and similar colours to my dragonfly and twig, so it wouldn’t look out of place.